Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Conserving Water...The Hard Way

Recently we had wonderful rain and thunder and lightning; but the lighting did in our old slowly wearing out pump at the well house causing us to be almost completely without water for several days. We had to walk to the well house several times a day to re-start the well in order to collect water for drinking, cooking and flushing.
Today the Well Service was able to come and begin the big job of replacing our old pump.It took 3 men and a very large truck to get the job done. Here is the old pump coming out of the ground.
They pulled out 9 pipes each being 21-feet long and a small 16-foot pipe; add to this the 3-foot pump and our well is 208-feet deep!
Here is the new pump waiting to go into the ground.
Before everything could go back into the ground they cleaned out the well. Several times grimy dirty water was pulled out.
Once the cleaning was finished it was time to fasten a pipe to the pump and begin putting everything back together.
Here's the new pump ready to be lowered 208-feet down into a deep dark wet world.
Once all the pipes were screwed together and lowered into the well it was covered, hooked up and turned on.

Now we have wonderful water again and life can get back to normal.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this with us.. I'm so glad you now have water again. I bet it was expensive tho.

Texas Mom said...

Wow, do they redrill in same hole, or start a new one? That was interesting to see and I bet it was very $$$$$$

Sometimes we take for granted our water supply. We live on some amazing aquafers here in Austin, but our water comes from Lake Georgetown. I hate being at the mercy of the city and sometimes wish I had a WELL too.

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