Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Upholstery Work on a Vintage Stool

Well over a year ago I found this amazing swivel stool at a thrift store for $5 and just had to have it for the house.
The top of the stool had a very large stain, so the plan was to upholster it using the old fabric as a pattern, but that didn't work since I have very little knowledge when it comes to doing upholstery work.
 I dug out some very thick batting used for cushions; I actually bought this batting, there are two packages taped together, at the thrift store a couple years ago for $3.99.
It's very thick and very sturdy and was perfect for this small project.
Next I took leftover pieces of quilt batting and wrapped it around the coils,
And I stuffed it in between them as well.
For the fabric I used some light weight upholstery fabric purchased at Walmart on clearance for $2 a yard about a year ago.
I layered the fabric with thin strips of quilt batting and ticking and then I machine quilted it using my walking foot.
The top of the stool felt wonderful and very sturdy.
I doubled the fabric used for the sides, but I didn't quilt this area.
Using a heady duty stapler I secured the fabric in place and then attached the legs.
The end result was amazing.
I really love how the stool turned out, even though it looks nothing like the original stool.
There is a lot I need to learn when it comes to upholstery work, but like all things I just need to keep practicing.

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