Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Canopy Bed for Christmas

Two or three months ago I spotted a canopy bed on Craig's List. I was excited even though the asking price was $500. The bed turned out to be loose and wobbly so we didn't buy it. Then, not even a week later, I spotted the exact same bed at a used furniture store minus the canopy top for $50. Wow was I ever excited!
Pat spent about 3 days making a canopy frame out of copper tubing for the bed.
 The color of the tubing and the color of the wood worked very well giving the bed a nice antique look.
Elizabeth was very happy with the bed. Now I need to find just the right fabric for making the actual canopy.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Now that it's officially Christmas Eve Elizabeth got to open up her traditional Christmas Eve pajamas.
I love these pajamas. They are a 2-piece set with long pants and a blouse with long sleeves.
 The fabric is a red knit covered in sock monkey heads and tiny hearts. I found this fabric during a summer clearance sale at Jo Ann's.
 The fabric is soft to the touch and the pajamas look so comfortable on Elizabeth that I may make myself a pair after Christmas; providing I can find more knit on the clearance rack.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Crochet Dishcloth

When it comes to crochet there is much to learn; especially how to read a pattern. Back in October I came across a simple dishcloth pattern that was easy to read and easy to understand. Before I knew what was happening I made a dishcloth that looked squared!
 My mind began thinking a mile a minute as I envisioned making homemade dishcloths for everyone on my Christmas List.
 I managed to make several dishcloths using cotton yarn I had in my stash. Sadly, I had a hard time finding a match in a coordinating solid color.
 When I discovered my local Wal-Mart store had a selection of variegated cotton yarn with matching solid yarn I bought some and got busy; but sadly I ran out of time.
Only three people on my Christmas List were gifted a handmade dishcloth set.
 Each set included one variegated dishcloth, one solid dishcloth, and a bottle of dish soap;
Which were then wrapped in a cloth drawstring bag made from a kitchen print fabric.
I guess all my mismatched dishcloths can be saved for next Christmas; which gives me a whole year to search for coordinating solid colors :o) 

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