Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thrift Store Bargain

Today while in town I decided to visit a couple of thrift stores since I hadn’t been in awhile. My favorite is a Goodwill that is called “The Pound Store”. This store sells items for 65-cents and 85-cents per pound. Everything is put into very large boxes that are about 4-feet tall and 4-feet square. Nothing is organized in anyway; you have to dig to see what is in each box.

What I like most about this particular thrift store is the bargains you can get. One time I found 5 blouses and paid less than $3 total.

Well, today I found the ultimate bargain…

Today I found an American Girl Doll!
She came with a skirt, sweater and white panties.
The only thing wrong with her was the hair; it is still shiny and soft but someone cut it to the shoulders. She weighs 1 ¾ pounds and she was 65-cents per pound so I paid only $1.14 for her.

Oh how I love a bargain!!!


Posh said...

YOu lucky ducky!!!

Helen Ruth said...

Pamela recognized the doll, as the JUST LIKE ME, and showed me a picture of her in her AG catalog. She used to have shoulder length hair.

What a bargain!

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