Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home School Field Trip

After baking the apple cake we decided to take the day off and have a field trip. Since we had apples on our mind we decided to go visit an apple orchard.
The weather was nice.
I love this bench the orchard had, it is three trees bent into the shape of a bench.
Each of the three trees were loaded with apples.
Walking in and around the trees was so nice.
Last year the orchard trees didn't produce apples due to a late freeze. This year the trees were loaded with apples.
Many of the apples were picture perfect.
We gathered up several types and I am hoping to make some apple butter.
Elizabeth sampled every apple she could get her hands on.


Anonymous said...

We keep saying we were going peach picking but never did make it and it's probably too late now.
Enjoyed your pic's.. Elizabeth looks so cute in that dress.

Texas Mom said...

Pretty orchard! I don't remember it -- in Lubbock? Looks like they had a good growing season!

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