Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Closet is Finished!!!!!!!

I am so excited to now have the closet finished!Everything in Elizabeth's room is covered in fine dust so all her clothes have to be washed and all her puzzles and games will need to be dusted before being put in the new closet.
We are hoping to have everything completed by this evening so she can sleep in her room tonight.
It took just under 2-weeks to complete this project and it cost us just under $200!


Anonymous said...

That is so nice!!! is it only for Elizabeth or are you going to store things there too?

Fran said...

That is amazing. It looks beautiful. Congrats to both you and your husband. Bet it put a smile on Elizabeth's face:)

Great work.


Texas Mom said...

I'm impressed!! I can't believe that's your old bathroom. So, you covered the window?

Ann said...

Looks GREAT!! I envy all that storage space.

Melissa said...

Wow - it looks so great! Good job!

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