Friday, February 27, 2009

King Quilt pt. 3

I have been working at cutting strips for the king quilt; But it is going slow since the only working iron I have is a small travel iron.
I am hoping to buy another iron next week when I go to town.


Anonymous said...

I don't think we realize how important an iron is for sewing until we don't have one..
Hope you can find one for a good price.

Fran said...

I envy your start at the cutting. How are you going to do it? In strips or in blocks? I have about 45 mens shirts...all taken apart mind...but now I have no idea how to go about getting them into a quilt. Strips, or blocks and how me if you can. Wish we were closer I have an extra iron here I could let you have. Unfortunately it would cost more to ship than it's worth. Have you checked your nifty-thrifty shops yet? You just might find something there for a buck or two to see you over until you get a new one. Good luck on the fabric, I will be checking out your process.


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