Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Orchard Fence pt. 1

Work on the orchard fence began today with digging holes 2-feet deep for the larger fence posts.
The posts are a very heavy metal pipe that Pat cut to 5-foot lengths.
We mixed cement to put around each post so they would not shift in any way.
We managed to get a total of three post into the ground.
Only 8 more post to go and then it will be time to add the standard T-Post in between the larger heavy posts. The chickens are going to be well protected when the fence is finished.


Anonymous said...

A lot of work but its going to be very nice when finished

7 D's said...

Nice Patty!

Texas Mom said...

Looks like hard work, but well worth the effort. Your farm is going to look nice and be well protected!

Ann said...

Gonna be great when it's all done. A LOT of hard work, though. You guys are so driven!

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