Monday, August 10, 2009

Typical Monday....NOT

This morning, bright and early, I picked green beans from the garden, did a little hoeing, set up a make shift trellis and re-staked tomato plants that were getting so big the old stakes were bending over. During one of my many trips out to the garden I almost stepped on this. He was resting under a young pine tree and I didn't notice him there until I was right on top of him. While Elizabeth ran to get the camera for me the snake decided to hide under some black fabric. Thankfully he was only a Bull Snake and not a rattle snake.

Next, as I was in the middle of canning......
I saw a funny looking green bean sticking out of a jar. Upon closer inspection this is what I found...A worm! Apparently he didn't crawl out of the green bean quickly enough and got cooked.
This makes me wonder how many worms I have feasted on without knowing it!


Ann said...

Yikes(on the snake) and EWWWWW.....on the worm! Mark said to tell you you've probably had more meat than beans in your beans!!!

Anonymous said...

Double yuck!!!
I did warn you about watching out for those snakes.. didn't I?.. but I forgot to mention the worms ;)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

lol...nice worm!

We get those lovely bull snakes too, I always have to pause and make sure it isn't a rattler, then I can take a big breath!

ForestJane said...

eww, eww, eww!

I'd be picking through those beans next winter with a trembling fork... lol

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