Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cherry Tomatoes

Our cherry tomatoes are ripening in larger bunches; this is the most we have gathered in one picking
And the larger tomatoes are showing signs of ripening too! This tomato will be enjoyed on a sandwich.
I was planning on chopping up the cherry tomatoes for canning but according to the Internet cherry tomatoes should not be canned. I don't see why it would matter so I think I will try canning them anyway and just see what happens.


Texas Mom said...

Oh yum!! My tomatoes are finally coming back from the dead, after a very long, hot summer...

I can't believe how much tomatoes you have right now. Lucky you!

belinda said...

Oh..oh...my mouth is watering just looking at those little cherry tomatoes....those are my favorite...and we don't have any this year in the garden....but I can't eat them whole....I have to slice them in half and then I can eat them....I just don't like how they explode in your mouth when you pop them in whole!!!

QuiltedSimple said...

hope it went well canning them!

Anonymous said...

I personally don't see any reason why you shouldn't can them.. unless they need pressured because they might not have enough acid content.
BTW I did check out that outfit for the AG doll and LOVE it.. it sure turned out cute.

Melissa said...

Oh yummy! I would LOVE to eat those right now!

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