Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations pt. 2

Well, today I managed to sleep in before beginning day two of my cooking marathon. My ham was put in the roaster first thing so it could cook slowly until it began pulling away from the bone.
All the rich broth will be saved for pinto beans; oh yum, ham broth makes the very best pinto beans!
While the ham was cooking I made some Watergate Salad. My mom always made this when I was growing up; it's so good!
I also made some banana bread but one stuck in the pan.
Each year I make pecan pie;
And Elizabeth saved me some time by helping to break up the pecans for me.
This years pumpkin pie has been made from one of my garden pumpkins and I used a new recipe too.
Just in case the new pie doesn't taste right I made a second pumpkin pie from canned pumpkin using my regular recipe.
The last of today's pies is apple. I used all my large pie plates for the other pies so the apple had to be divided between two small pie plates. Tomorrow morning I will start the bread and other foods that do not work well making ahead; I am so looking forward to eating all this wonderful food tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is now today so enjoy all that good looking food.. I cooked everything yesterday except for the corn on the cob and the bird which is in the roaster now.
((hugs)) and XXX to you all.. wish we were there with you

Packrat said...

Those pies looks wonderful. Thank goodness someone else makes ham and (pinto) beans! I thought maybe that was something that no one besides us ate. I always cook the beans in ham broth.

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