Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Doll House

For the past 2-months Pat has been working on a doll house for Elizabeth for Christmas. He has been making it up as he goes along and wasn't able to complete it in time for Christmas so the plan was to bring it home on Christmas Eve, unfinished, so Elizabeth would finally know about it; but the unexpected snow prevented this from happening (the house was being built at the warehouse).
Yesterday we braved the snowy roads and Elizabeth received her final and biggest gift. Pat still needs to add walls to the 3rd floor and windows and chimney to the roof. Once he finishes this last section then Elizabeth and I will begin the journey of learning how to decorate a miniature house. Our plan is to work on shingles first and then decide if we should paint the outside or put bricks on the outside.
The house measure 40-inches long, 39-inches tall and 26-inches deep. Pat put a drawer under the house to hold the electrical equipment when it is time to run the various wires.
When finished there will be between 16 and 18 rooms; in this photo you can see another room through the door. The stairs leading up to the next floor will have a railing when Elizabeth and I learn how to attach it.
Elizabeth was anxious to play with the house so she dug out some of her plastic doll house pieces and put them in the house for now, then she and Pat began making a rustic wood bed frame.
When the bed is finished Elizabeth and I will make a miniature mattress, quilt and pillows. This is a gift that will be used for many, many years.


Enid said...

SOOOOOOO prettttyyyy!!!

Packrat said...

Oh my, oh my! What a treasure! I hope she can keep this forever.

Anonymous said...

I want one!!! you gals are going to have so much fun fixing it up... sniff.. I'm jealous
Just the other day I was considering making one myself..

belinda said...

...WONDERFUL...way to go Mr.Patty!!
This is such a great gift built with tons of love I'm sure!!
Elizabeth is such a blessed little girl!!

Texas Mom said...

That is just too cool! Is this Barbie size? Let me know... I want to make something miniature for this house! Miniatures are my fav!!! Give me a wish list on some stuff you'd like!!

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