Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free Food Fun

Just before Christmas I purchased some "fun foods" to put in the kids stockings. One of the food items was 100-calorie cookie packets; I didn't buy them because they were "diet"... I bought them because they were just the right size to fit into a stocking.
Later in the day Elizabeth told me she couldn't feel any cookies in her bag. When she handed it to me sure enough she somehow ended up with a "bag of air".
I called the company to let them know about the empty bag and they promptly sent me a coupon for a "free" box of cookies! (I was surprised to learn Keebler and Kellogg's were the same company.)
My second free food item was a sample of Pop-tarts that came in the mail. It was grape flavored and tasted just like my homemade grape jelly.
Elizabeth really liked it and by the time I thought of taking a picture this is all that was left.
So far my favorite Pop-tart sent in the mail was the blueberry muffin Pop-tart. This is so fun getting to be one of the first to try out a new flavor!


Anonymous said...

I figured you'd get a coupon for a free box..
the blueberry one sounds good to me

Ann said...

Just caught up on reading your blog. Have been staying in Lebanon a lot lately, so no internet. Looking into having it up there, too. Nice freebies! Also, the quilt looks great. I've been thinking about turning my father in law's shirts into a quilt like that. Just not ready to cut into them quite yet.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I love getting free things in the mail. I use most of them to bribe my son. :)

QuiltedSimple said...

I love free food - and how great that you got the coupon to replace the one that was bad.

Texas Mom said...

I wonder if Frito-Lays will give me a coupon if is send them back one of their "bags of air" that's called, POTATO CHIPS!!

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