Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thank You Kim Komando

Right before Christmas Jonathan called the Kim Komando show to ask some questions about buying a lens for his camera. Getting through on the phone takes patience; after dialing the phone and waiting through numerous busy signals for over an hour Jonathan managed to get a "live person". Next came a 45-minute hold before he was able to talk to Kim Komando live over the air waves!
Because it was the Christmas season Kim Komando gave gifts to the callers fortunate enough to get through. Guess what Jonathan won? That's right, a Litl laptop!
Since Jonathan already has a laptop he has passed this one on to me. How sweet can he be? Very Sweet!!! Thank you Jonathan and Thank you Kim Komando!


Packrat said...

Whoa! How cool is that!

Anonymous said...

I use to listen to her every Saturday while sewing.. but never did call in.. he was very lucky and so are you to have such a sweet son to be willing to share with you.

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