Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Look in the Garden

I planted my green beans in between the potatoes soon after learning the mechanic wasn't going to get the tractor up and running as quickly as we needed.
The broccoli I planted is really growing; this is my second time trying to grow it. The chickens ate the plants last year before they got very big so we never even had a chance to eat any.
One of the turnips was big enough to pick but it didn't taste like I remembered growing up; it taste similar to a radish but I'm not sure if I will eat anymore.
I am still behind on all that I want to do in the garden but it's getting there; I hope to move my tomato plants outdoors this weekend and I still need to plant jalapeno and bell peppers.


Packrat said...

Wow! Look at your garden!

I'm not a big turnip fan, either.

Anonymous said...

your garden is looking real good.. try grading the turnip up, add a tiny bit of sugar and some lemon juice and mayo.. like making coleslaw.. that's the way we eat them.

Enid said...

how fun...!!

Patty said...

Patty we love those boiled with a little sugar in the water and then drained and butter melted on them.

Ann Flower said...

Nice blog. being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on posting.

Helen Ruth said...

I LOVE turnips. Eat them raw like apples. I'm surprised you're growing broccoli and turnips right now though. This is what I grow for my WINTER garden!

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