Thursday, May 6, 2010

A New Dress for Elizabeth

Elizabeth loves to wear dresses so I have been searching for a fun summer style dress that would be comfortable and modest at the same time.
I found a pattern for a peasant style dress but it was "sold out"; so I improvised.
I took a peasant blouse pattern, added two rows of gathered fabric and "presto"; a perfect peasant style dress! I like this style of dress and plan to make her a couple more.


Helen said...

Looks cool and comfortable!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job and it looks so cute on her.

Packrat said...

The dress is adorable. It should be very cool and comfy on hot summer days.

Random, but I knew Elizabeth had long hair. I just didn't realize how long. It is beautiful.

Melissa said...

I LOVE that dress!! I wish I could sew. I can quilt, but I can't sew. My little girl is a dress girl herself - she refuses to wear shorts or pants. It's gotta be skirts or dresses every day.

Ann said...

I agree, ADORABLE.....and who needs another pattern? You did a GREAT job improvising. I had a peasant dress when we were in HS and it was my favorite dress. In fact, I can think of several of my gf's who borrowed it on diff. occasions, so everyone else liked it too, I guess. One thing mine had that could change it up a little for you is an elastic waist. Just a thought!

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