Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Have No Green Thumb

I love house plants and I love how they make your home feel more alive....but sadly I do not have a green thumb.
This plant was given to me by a friend; it never grew any bigger and now it's just about dead.The only house plants I have had any success with is ivy and a cactus. Oh well, some day I'll learn how to do better.


Anonymous said...

It might not be you at all.. some houses are just not quite what plants need... maybe too dark, too bright etc. Its hard to grow plants in my house and you know I'm good at growing them outdoors.

Helen said...

You have a lovely sunroom, which should be perfect for growing. After all, look at your tomatoes you had grown indoors! The main reasons houseplants die is due to either not enough water, or too much water. Pick a day on your calendar to water once a week, or twice if it's hot indoors.

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