Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Halloween Orange

Last week we learned about the What A Burger 60th Anniversary Free Burger Celebration and wanted to participate. I just happened to have an orange shirt with me but Jonathan and Elizabeth didn't have one; so off to the Goodwill I headed. My mission was to find each shirt for no more than 1-dollar each.First thing I noticed was a sign that said "50-percent off all blue tags" and sure enough I found 2-orange shirts for 1-dollar each after the discount.
On the big day the restaurant was all decorated and everyone was wearing orange. There were so many people the line wrapped around the tables inside the building.
I had ordered large fries, one drink and one water but the cashier charged me for 2 drinks so my total out of pocket was 6-dollars for the food and 2-dollars for the shirts; (I didn't want to get back in line to correct the overcharge).
It still amazes me that Elizabeth can eat such a big burger, plus fries and a drink!
We had so much fun, especially watching how some people were not willing to stand in a long line for a free burger. The teen boy in front of us was not willing to put on his shirt until he was at the counter. I don't see what was so embarrassing about wearing an orange shirt, especially since everyone was wearing orange!


Packrat said...

That is a huge Goodwill! Looks like the size of "our" Goodwill and St. Vincent dePaul put together.

Love the Halloween shirt you found Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

The burger is as big as her head.. LOVE those things too.

Helen Ruth said...

I have a TON of orange shirts - Texas University!! Whoohoo! I thought about going to whataburger, but thought, oh whatthecheck! I stayed home!

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