Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elizabeth's Quilt pt. 3

As I have been gathering pink clothes for Elizabeth's quilt I began thinking this is the perfect time for Elizabeth to learn about cutting with scissors and learning how to use a sewing machine. So, during one of Jo Ann's sales I purchased some spring loaded scissors for her to use and look at the color, pink!
So far the scissors are working out great.
She has been so excited about cutting but at the same time so afraid to make a mistake. I keep reassuring her we have lots of clothes so making a mistake is okay.......but I have a feeling my little girl is a perfectionist!


Ann said...

I LOVE my spring loaded scissors. I keep them hidden from the boys because who knows what they would cut with them. I bought the super sharp ones. Elizabeth is really concentrating there, isn't she? I wish my daughter had stuck with her sewing.

Anonymous said...

She really does seem to be taking the job seriously.. at least she has a great teacher.

Belinda said...

Wow...look at her!! She looks so serious and intent!!
She is growing up quickly Patty!!

I am so anxious to see her 'pink' quilt you are planning. Some of the fabric/clothes you have found
are quite good!!

Helen Ruth said...

That's why I started Pamela first on doll clothes, that way she'll feel more confident and practiced when she works on her clothes. During our tours at the farm, we explained to the public that back in the 1800's, young girls were sewing when they were able to hold a needle.

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