Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Old Pecan Tree

Out back, by the old orchard, stands a very big and very tall old pecan tree.
This year the tree put on a lot of pecans because of the rain we had this summer. In order to reach the tree we had to mow a path through the weeds.
And then we had to clear out all the weeds and branches under the tree.
High winds yesterday made it possible for us to begin gathering pecans.
However, we had to move quickly as it seems the dogs like eating pecans as much as we do.
With in a few minutes Elizabeth and I gathered a small basket of nuts.
These will be used for a delicious pecan pie to be served next week.


Ann said...

I didn't know dogs would eat pecans still in the shell. That's funny! I wish we had a big ole pecan tree in our yard....YUM!!

Helen Ruth said...

Oh, how I wish I had a tree like that! Loved how you mowed a path. I also LOVE your new cover page with that beautifully handcrafted quilt!

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