Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Cottontail

Each day as I walk out to the garden I have been seeing my neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Cottontail dining on my green beans; so I have had to put up a make shift fence, which cost a whopping 40-dollars, in hopes of keeping them from eating any more of my plants.
While we were setting up the fence we discovered Mr. and Mrs. Cottontail has a family.

A very sweet and very soft family.

How can something so cute cause so much damage!


Anonymous said...

Because their growing kids :) love your garden.. it's the best one you've planted so far.

Belinda said...

Your garden looks so wonderful Patty....ours is a little lacking this year I'm afraid!
We had to add a row of chicken wire around ours too, but now the older rabbits are jumping up over, we may have to add another row...they kept eating our squash plants....aarrrrghhhhh!!!

Packrat said...

If you stop to think about how much a garden actually costs, it probably isn't worth the effort. But, of course, the fresh produce is SO good.

Cute, cute little critters, but they grow up (kind of like chicks in to chickens).

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