Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twice Baked Potatoes

We love twice baked potatoes; they are so easy to make. Begin with several baked potatoes that have cooled enough to handle.Cut in half length wise.

Scoop out most of the inside, leaving enough to keep the skin from tearing.

Put the potatoes in a bowl and add butter or margarine, salt and pepper. Blend well with a fork mashing any lumps you may have.

Now put the blended potatoes back into the empty potato skins filling each one evenly.

Top with grated cheese;

And place in a baking dish. I have found that the potatoes tend to fall over so I use a pan with sides.

Bake for 20 minutes at 350-degrees until the edges are crisp.

I usually bake more potatoes than needed so I can have extra to put in the freezer. Simply cover the potatoes before the second baking with plastic wrap and freeze.

Thaw before the second baking. This is a perfect food for summer since they can be made in a toaster oven and it doesn't heat up the kitchen.


Packrat said...

Those better be Idaho bakers! ;) ;) Are they from your garden? These look delicious. Thanks for the hint about how to freeze them.

The only place we can buy big Idaho baking potatoes is at our "local" (80 miles away) Costco which is actually in Washington. They won't grow in our area because our growing season is too short and the ground is either too wet or too hard (clay). In a good season, small red potatoes will grow, but digging them out is really tough going.

Anonymous said...

I made one for my lunch but I mixed the cheese into the smashed potato and baked it in the microwave.. it was better then the ones I use to buy... next time I'm going to try bacon bits mixed into it.. bet that would be good too.

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