Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Indoor Grilling

After several days of warm sunny weather winter has come back to visit us once again. So today we built a nice toasty fire to take away the chill.
 Later in the day Jonathan called to see if I was able to fire up the grill before the wind began. Nope, but I told him I would "figure something out". My solution? Indoor grilling.
 It was pretty easy once I pondered for a minute or two. I simply moved some of the logs in the fireplace to one side and moved some hot coals under the grate.
It worked very well but goodness was it ever hot! I feel for all the pioneer women who had to do this everyday!


Rachel E. said...

It looks so old fashioned and lovely. I think of it often. Those pioneer women were made from a different stock, weren't they? Most women today don't know the meaning of "work".

SchneiderPeeps said...

how fun! Makes me wish even more that we had a fireplace. The wind here was vicious (although not too cold) it actually up rooted a couple of my plants.

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