Monday, January 7, 2019

My New Clothesline

For several years I used a clothesline that was strung between three trees; two that were dead, but still stood strong. This setup worked well until one of the dead tree trunks began to lean and I was afraid it might fall and hurt someone. I made the decision to push the dead trunks over and not use my clothesline anymore.
 Going without a clothesline was hard, so when I saw an umbrella clothesline at the thrift store, I bought it right away.
 Not wanting to sink the umbrella clothesline in the ground, I attached it to our tether pole pipe.
This set up worked fine, but I really missed having my laundry stretched out so the air could flow more freely.
 So in September, for my birthday, I requested a new clothesline; a traditional style.
Pat built one for me with four lines to hold lots of laundry.
I absolutely love  my new clothesline and especially love the fresh smell of my laundry. Standing outside hanging clothes is great fun!

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