Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Day of Bargains

Today has been a day of bargains. On Craig's List I found two stoneware crocks for $20;
At the thrift store I found this tall wicker basket, with handles, for $1.30 (I plan on using it to hold my yarn);
And a vintage weaving loom for $2.60.
The hardware inside the box is still sealed in plastic so I guess the loom has never been used.


Anonymous said...

What thrift stores in Lubbock do you go to? You always seem to find the best bargains.
Linda Kay
Slaton, Tx

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

ok, I am coveting those crocks!

Melissa said...

I was going to say the same thing! You always find the best stuff!! I'm jealous :)

Anonymous said...

So you finally got a hold of that lady and picked up your crocks.. good for you..
That loom looks very interesting.. you could probably make some neat table runners with it.
I'm jealous :)

Texas Mom said...

I think your bargain is a bunch of crock! haha. Seriously, what a deal!! Lucky you!

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