Monday, July 6, 2009

Potato Harvest

My potatoes were beginning to look pretty sad with leaves turning brown and the plants falling over. According to the Internet potatoes are ready in 3 to 4 months (my plants were 3 months) but my mom said if you get rain sometimes the potatoes will begin to sprout and grow more potato plants.
Since we have been receiving some really nice rain this year I decided to dig up one of my plants and sure enough the potatoes had begun to sprout.
We didn't get as many potatoes as I had hoped for; they just do not grow well for us.
Last night I began canning the potatoes for using in soups this winter. I decided to see if using a second canner would save time; while the first pressure canner was going I prepared the second pressure canner and had it ready to go by the time the 1st canner was cooling down. I saved a little time but having two canners on the stove took up too much space.
After all the potatoes were canned I ended up with 13 quarts.
My garden now looks bare but I am planning to start a fall garden right where the potatoes were.
I have a nice hill of potato plants I wanted to give my chickens but am too afraid; I have always heard potato plants are poisonous.

However I did give them worms we found while digging the potatoes.


Anonymous said...

Yum.. those potatoes sure look good.. makes me drool for some with green beans.

GloJoeSews said...

Hi there. I'm one of your lurkers. I'm always amazed at all you do. I can barely find the time to COOK potatoes, much less grow and can them!!! Maybe your blog name should be My AMAZING Homemade Life!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Your potatoes look really good, my kids like them fried up with bacon for a quick breakfast or dinner.

Texas Mom said...

WOW, I'm impressed with your potato crop!!! And canned on top of that!!

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