Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Nerve of Some People

Last week I witnessed a man stealing from our local Home Depot store. He walked from the back of the store at top speed with a can of paint and some rollers.
He walked out the front doors, jumped in his pickup and drove off quickly. Goodness, what is wrong with people. Have we lost our morals and values?


Anonymous said...

I might understand stealing if you're hungry but paint isn't a necessity..

SchneiderPeeps said...

The Saturday that we had my son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor, I went into Walgreens to pick up some pictures that we had sent over from our computer that we wanted to display. I also got a Dr. Pepper. They couldn't find my pics and had no record of them being sent. It was very frustrating. When I got back into my car to leave and opend the DP I realized I hadn't paid for it. Crazy! I just walked right out the door. So I went back in and paid for it - the cashier got a good laugh.

Ann said...

Some people never had any...morals or values. They are sadly disappearing.

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