Friday, April 6, 2012

A Scrappy Idea

An idea came to me the other day when I was thinking about the quilt blocks I am making for my quilt club.
The idea was to make a second block each month so at the end of the year I'll have two quilt tops instead of one.

I decided to use some of my calico fabric scraps I have on hand from the pioneer dresses I make.

I really like how the scrappy blocks are turning out; they have a nice country look.


Sew Unique Creations said...

Your quilt blocks are very pretty!

Anonymous said...

They do look country and are just too darn cute..

Helen Ruth said...

You have some really crappy ideas. I mean, scrappy ideas! LOL Seriously, those scrappy quilt pieces are ADORABLE! I would hang those on my wall! Gorgeous!

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