Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Duo Trio Recital

Elizabeth and another girl played together during the Duo Trio Spring recital. They played the theme song to the popular show Downton Abbey and sounded so amazing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pi Day


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Sweet Gift

It's been years since we've had access to a honeycomb.

These are located just inside the crawlspace under the house. Before we harvest any of it, we are waiting on a beekeeper. It would be nice if the bees can be relocated.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Doll Repair

 This little doll was in terrible shape from years of being loved.
I offered to try and repair her even though I've never repaired a store doll.
 I began by removing the stuffing; which was cotton and had packed together over the years creating a large lump.
 The limbs were held in place with string. This surprised me as I figured the limbs were held on with wire.
 Once the doll was apart, I then took the fabric body apart completely.
 After ironing the pieces, I used them as a pattern for the new body.
 Reattaching the limbs were a bit scary, but after a couple of attempts, it all went pretty smoothly.
 The only change I made to the body, was to add a seam down the back so I could have more space to work with when attaching the limbs and adding the stuffing. This seam was then closed up with hand sewing.
  Once the doll was back together, 
I made a dress with matching bloomers and hat.
Even though I wasn't sure what to expect when repairing a doll, the job wasn't too difficult. Taking pictures along the way was helpful; it's amazing how easily a person can forget little details, such as the directions each limb needed to face.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bed Sheet Corner Alteration

Years ago, when I had trouble with a sheet slipping off the corner of a mattress, I learned about a special clip with elastic that is used to keep the sheet corner in place. This idea was simple and easily copied by sewing a piece of wide elastic in place and my problem was fixed.

Recently I had another sheet slipping at the corners, but kept forgetting to stop by the fabric store for some wide elastic, so this time I decided to be creative and came up with another solution. I began with a piece of stretch fabric, which I had in my stash, and roughly cut it to 16-inches square.
 This was then folded in half, corner to corner, and pinned to the wright side of the sheet corner.
 I stitched it down avoiding the elastic already on the sheet.
 After turning the corner inside out, I had created a nice pocket; which was repeated for the other three corners.
These pockets fits snug on my mattress and I haven't had one corner slip since making this alteration.
The pockets work so well that I am planning on replacing the elastic currently being  used on my other sheets.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Portable Vintage Television

I so love vintage, especially when it's cheap; I paid a whopping $5 for this treasure!
Knowing it was impossible to watch an older t.v. these day was okay since my new toy was both a t.v. and a radio. But, I did manage to pickup on one channel, a shopping network show.
Just for fun I was curious if it was possible to use a vintage t.v. with a DVD player, so I did an internet search and found this write up:

My local electronic store carries the RF Modulators;
 And the Coaxial Cables.
 The salesman said I would need an RG6 Cable; which wasn't mentioned in the article I had read.
The Coaxial Cable was to be attached to the antenna connection located at the back of the t.v.
It was very simple to attach, all I did was unscrew the screws, slip in the "U" shaped metal pieces and then tighten the screws up.
The Coaxial Cable was then attached to the end of the RG6 Cable and the other end of the cable was attached to the RF Modulator.
 My excitement was building when it was time to take out the new DVD player I had just purchased for my new setup, but it was soon dashed when I realized the cables on the new players don't work with the RF Modulators!
After more reading and asking lots of questions, I learned I would need to find an older DVD player;
With the proper plug in outlet in the back. Thanks to the local Goodwill, I found what was needed for $8
 Thankfully my son had some A/V Cables and I was back in business.
 My vintage t.v. was now able to play any DVD I had in my collection.
 Of course what I watch will only play in black and white, but I have several old t.v. shows that are in black and white; such as Perry Mason, Andy Griffith, The Fugitive....and many old black and white movies.
My vintage t.v. sits next to my sewing machine and works very well while I sew during the day.
Not counting the cost of the new DVD player I purchased, everything needed for my new setup was roughly $40; way more than the initial $5, but the learning and enjoyment made this a bargain.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

More Yarn Bags

In 2009 I made several muslin drawstring bags to hold my yarn and keep it from collecting lint when stored.
Over the years my yarn stash has grown and I seem to never have enough yarn bags to hold everything.
Today I took time to make a few more bags, but this time I used a red and white checkered fabric and just love how the new bags turned out.
Sometimes it the little things!

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