Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ribbit Ribbit

An early morning find....
On a cool and wet morning.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Homemade Gift

When giving a gift, I prefer to make something whenever possible; even if it means the gift is given later than planned.
 My original plan was to make a baby blanket for a friend's daughter, but now the little girl is no longer a baby; so I made a toddler blanket. 
I used a Robert Kaufman Girlfriends charm pack for the front.
 The back is Loralie Harris Big Blossoms.
 As an added bonus, I decided to make a rag doll to coordinate with the quilt.
 I used some of the fabric leftovers for the skirt;
 And the bow.
 The doll turned out so cute and goes very well with the finished quilt.
Here it is all packaged up.
I'm so very pleased with both the quilt and the doll and I don't think my friend, or her daughter, will mind that the gift was so late in coming.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fabric Tablecloths

For years I have used a plastic tablecloth purchased by the yard at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It worked very well, but stained very easily.
A couple of years ago I found a fabric tablecloth at a thrift store for a dollar. It was the first time I ever considered using one and was amazed at how much I liked using it and how easy it was to keep clean.
 Finding a used tablecloth for a good price has been a fun challenge. The cheapest one I've found to date, was 75-cents at a garage sale. It is a blue cotton gingham with large print and the fabric has a nice body.
Recently I was shopping at the thrift store and came across this maroon cotton gingham shower curtain that was just like my blue tablecloth. It was under 2-dollars, so I decided to buy it in hopes of making it into a tablecloth.
 After measuring, I noticed the shower curtain was too wide on the long side of my table and too short on the end. After trimming off the sides, I added this extra fabric to the ends, even though it was impossible to match the plaid stripes, and now I have another tablecloth.
An added bonus to using a shower curtain for a tablecloth? I now have a dozen very nice clear buttons for a future sewing project!
 The same day I found the shower curtain, I also found a cherry print tablecloth trimmed in red gingham.
It was way too long for my table, so I simply folded, stitched, trimmed and top stitched one side. 
This one just may be my new favorite.
While searching for a tablecloth big enough to fit my table, I am buying anything that is too small and turning them into more kitchen towels (like these).
The striped towels were a round tablecloth and the rust colored towels were a small rectangle. Both of these tablecloths were purchased at different places and on different days, so it was exciting to discover they coordinated very well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pencil Bag

This year I bought a fun adult coloring book planner.
 Not wanting to carry around my colored pencils in the plastic box, I decided to make a pencil bag.
 After digging in my scraps, I chose a Joel Dewberry fabric.
 My bag is lined inside with a black and white damask fabric about the weight of upholstery fabric.
The pencils fit perfectly inside; including the pencil sharpener.
The whole bag fits nicely in my purse.
Now I'm ready to color anytime I need something productive to do while out and about.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fred and Barney

Meet Fred and Barney, two adorable Chihuahua puppies that have stolen our hearts.
We lost their mother, Penny, a few days after they were born. Apparently she had another puppy that didn't come out and by the time we got her to the vet, it was too late.
 Fred, the bigger puppy, and Barney, the smaller puppy, love each other and we are so grateful they are both alive. We spent many, many hours feeding them and almost lost Barney several times.
They are now 5-weeks old and so far it looks like they are going to be okay!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Finding time to make some Christmas Goodies

For years and years and years I have made homemade goodies for my family, Pat's family and our friends. It has been one of those holiday activities, or traditions, I've always looked forward to each and every year.

This year I felt burned-out. Not sure why, but I couldn't seem to muster up the energy to cook batches and batches of goodies to package up and mail to everyone.

So this year I just cooked a little and shared it with a few; such as the ladies at the bank. 
The ladies who treat me like I'm their friend when I stop by. 
The ladies who always smile and want to know how my day has been. I truly love those ladies at the bank.

This year I made one batch of sugar pecans and divided the nuts between these cute little boxes.
I made one batch of peanut brittle and divided it between these cute little paper bags.
 I made one batch of chocolate chip cookies and filled these fun little Chinese take-out boxes.
 And I made one batch of fudge and filled these cute blue boxes.
 Then I dug through my stash of gift bags and found wonderful bags with Christmas songs printed on both sides.
And finally, all of the goodies were put into each bag and delivered to the ladies at the bank.
It wasn't much, just a small handful of sugar pecans, several pieces of peanut brittle, four pieces of fudge and just over half a dozen cookies.
When I got to the bank, the ladies were surprised and so excited to receive an unexpected gift; making it worth staying up until midnight preparing everything.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Recital 2016

This year at the Christmas Recital Elizabeth played three songs.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Moonlight Sonata

At the recital the piano teacher announced she will be retiring in May. We are going to greatly miss her!

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