Wednesday, September 3, 2014


 At the start of the Labor Day Weekend I bought 20 ears of corn at 20-cents each.
The corn took little time to process using a knife to cut off the kernels.
 Before I knew it I had a nice large bowl full of kernels.
 Which produced 8 pint jars plus two bags for the freezer; each bag held 2-cups.
At the end of our Labor Day Weekend I decided to buy more corn; this time 40 ears.
 And then I dug out more canning jars.
 In no time at all I had another nice amount of corn kernels.
 This time I ended up with 16 pint jars and 4 more bags of corn for the freezer.
All together I canned 24 pints and froze 6 bags of corn.
Not counting my jars and lids, which I already had, I spent a total of $12.

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