Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Fun Quilt Along

Each morning before everyone wakes up I enjoy surfing the web and reading blogs. One of my favorite blogs to read is Crazy Mom Quilts. I love seeing and reading about all the wonderful quilts she makes.

Last year she began a quilt along that I enjoyed watching but did not participate in. Beginning this week Crazy Mom Quilts has begun a second quilt along and I have decided to participate this time.

The quilt will be constructed of Star Blocks. When I think of stars I think of the flag so I decided to make my blocks from red, white and blue calico fabrics. I love working with calico fabrics, there are so many pretty designs and colors to choose from.
When working on a quilt block I love how putting together the pieces is like putting together a puzzle.Here is my first completed block; this quilt along is going to be so fun!


Helen Ruth said...

Very nice. You're very talented with quilting.

WHEN are you going to ENLARGE your pictures so I can see you stuff better?

amandajean said...

your block looks fabulous! thanks for joining in.

Lisa Jerrilyn said...

Red white and blue quilts are beautiful. It's a perfect choice for a star quilt. I love your first block.

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