Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Change of Plans

I had good intentions of making quilts for the upcoming birthday party this evening but since our day of celebration lasted much longer than I had anticipated my quilt plans had to change and I needed a new quick gift idea.The birthday girls are just entering into the world of Home School which means they will be visiting the library often. For this reason I decided to make each one a book bag. The birthday girls each have a favorite color, red and green, so I began my planning around these two colors. I first began searching my fabrics for some denim fabric, green fabric and red fabric. Next I machine embroidered each girl’s name on one side of the bag and added a Playful Sunbonnet Sue, reading a book, embroidery design above each name. My designs came from Designs by JuJu.

The next step was to add a pocket to the back of the book bags.
To each pocket I added an appliquéd alphabet using the red and green fabrics and also trimmed the top of the pocket in the same fabric. My appliquéd alphabets came from Embroider RN Designs.

For the finishing touch I lined each bag in the red and green fabrics.
Even though I was not able to get the quilts finished I am still pleased with my last minute gifts.

1 comment:

Helen Ruth said...


I think the book bags were better, as they are more functional.

Also, are these girls Jewish? I recognized the Hebraic alephbet.

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