Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning to Sew

Elizabeth is very anxious to learn how to sew. I thought it would be best for her to begin with handwork first. She wasn’t doing very well working on her cross stitch on her own so now most evening we will sew together for about 30 minutesShe is currently working on a cross stitch apple that I had intended to make into a hand towel, but instead I am going to turn it into a miniature quilt and add it to the other quilts I am planning on putting on her bedroom wall.

1 comment:

Helen Ruth said...

This is good, start them sewing young! We have a volunteer at the farm who's daugther is about 7-years-old. She was hemming her own apron and I was very very impressed. Did I say VERY IMPRESSED? It goes to show that when you teach them young, they impress older people like myself!! LOL

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