Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Having Fun Saving Money

I am really beginning to figure out how to save money by shopping at CVS and taking advantage of the stores ECB program and using coupons. On Monday I purchased Bounty paper towels, 4 8-packs for a total of 32 roll, and paid 36-cents per roll. The dawn dish soap was 86-cents each, the Gillett razor was $1.99, the cotton swabs were $1.19 each and the gum was 75-cents per package. The Chex Mix was free, the tooth brushes were free, the cereal was free and the band aids were free. By using coupons at the grocery store I was able to get cereal for $1-per bag, colas for $2.33 per 12-pack and the tea for free.
I have been learning most of my strategies from http://www.moneysavingmom.com/


Helen Ruth said...

Well, gosh... I WANT to start doing this coupon thing, but I keep getting this big headache. Do you think I need to exercise my brain more? How about YOU do all my shopping for me and I just send you the money??

Anonymous said...

Have you tried those chocolate carmel flavored Chex Mix? They are yummie!!

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