Saturday, June 28, 2008

In The Garden

Our peach trees are quit loaded with peaches; hopefully the birds and wasps will save us some.My tomatoes have been struggling quit a bit so I put some grass clipping around them. The clippings are really holding in the water so I am hoping this is what they needed.
I purchased some jalapeno pepper plants at the store earlier in the week. They didn’t look too good but after transplanting them I think they will do fine. I am planning to use them with the tomatoes for salsa.
I planted some wax beans but only a few came up. I was hoping to can them with the potatoes but I don’t think this is going to work out.
My cucumbers are struggling; this is the only one that has hung on. I have another one that recently came up but I don’t know if it will live
My potatoes are really growing but no signs of blooms yet. So far being in containers hasn't caused any problems yet.
This is a mulberry tree we have in the yard and this is the tree that shades my potatoes. The chickens really like scratching and pecking under it.
I hadn't intended to have a very big garden this year since I new I wouldn't have too much time to work in it; But last week I called a local produce farm and was shocked at how high the prices were. So, I have been slowly adding more plants as well as planting more seeds to my small garden.

Most of my garden items will have late starts but this should be fine; the first garden I ever planted was in July and it produced more food than we could eat.


Anonymous said...

Yum!! I can already taste peach cobbler.
Your garden is looking fine..

Helen Cates said...


As you can see, I'm starting a late garden in "July" too. I've noticed that my potted veggies from last year were still producing in November, so I guess the growing season here in Texas can last a long time.

I started breaking the ground this morning on the side of my house. Going to get busy planting a lot of veggies. The prices are going up, and homegrown is healthier and safer.

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