Monday, June 30, 2008

Jelly Season

I love to cook and can. One of my favorite things to make is jelly.In my area crab apple trees are plentiful and most of the time you can get all you want for free.
Last week Elizabeth and I picked some crab apples and boiled them for their juice. I didn't have enough for jelly so this morning I picked more of them.Now I have almost 3 quarts of juice. Either this evening or tomorrow all this juice will be turned into crab apple jelly.


Helen Cates said...


Why do you want your juice to turn into crappy jelly? Do you like your food to taste like crap?

PS)You posted crap apple jelly in your last sentence! Now now, don't edit it, you goofed and now you own it!


PSS) The CRAB apple juice looks GOOD!!! My oh my!!!

Helen Cates said...

Okay, I see you went ahead and edited. Now answer this question:

How did you turn those crab apples into juice? A food processor/blender?

Anonymous said...

LOL you must have edited it before I got here.
That juice sure looks delicious. Please do tell us how you processed it. It looks so clear and such a pretty color. Did you boil them with the skins on?

Cavewoman said...

Have you ever tried making the crab apple juice into regular fruit drinks, rather than jelly? I've already made 5 batches of jelly, and I don't really need to make any more. But, I've still got about 2 quarts of juice left. I'd love to try making it into a regular fruit juice to drink. If you have any tips, can you email me, it's listed in my profile. Thanks in advance.

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