Thursday, June 19, 2008

Texas Sand Storm

Here are a few photos of a sand storm that is very common in West Texas. When the wind begins blowing it always looks like rain.
It is always disappointing when it ends up being sand that is blowing.
During the high winds tumble weeds begin showing up; this tumble weed is a very small one, usually they are much larger.


Helen Cates said...


I most certainly don't miss those sandstorms! Thankfully we have a lot of trees and grass here or we'd be having one now... NO rain, and hot hot weather. The wind is blowing now and I keep hoping there's rain coming. We joked about having to wear our winter coats tomorrow as the temps were supposed to drop to 98. Well, I just checked online and we are expecting 101 again.... Great pictures though!

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget those sand storms.. especially the one back in the 80's that was so bad the day turned dark as night and it rained mud.
Those were some pretty pictures tho.

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