Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th

I love celebrating July 4th. We usually go into town to watch the parade and then walk around the street fair. This year we had clouds which made everything feel cool and comfortable; usually it is over 100-degrees and very sunny.

This was my favorite float in the parade; if you look closely you can see a star flying up. The big black box is some sort of bubble making machine which released floating stars all along the parade route.I also really liked seeing this horse drawn stagecoach.
Mrs. Baird's had a small car that looked like a toaster which was the cutest thing.
One item I look forward to seeing each year is the vintage fire trucks, this is one of several that were in the parade.
A parade just isn't a parade without lots of horses.
Miniature cars are usually plentiful but this by far was the best one of all.
After the parade we came home to this for lunch; I had smoked it a bit yesterday and then slow cooked it all night long until it fell apart. We ate it on burger buns for lunch. Yum, yum.
Tonight we will build a large bonfire and shoot off fireworks.


Anonymous said...

The meat looks yummy.
Wish I was at the parade with you guys.

Helen Cates said...

I certainly remember those parades in Lubbock - I kinda miss being able to just walk down the street from my house and see all the action! Looks like you had a great spot on the curb!

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