Saturday, August 16, 2008

Preparing a Quilt Top for Quilting

Since my Star Quilt is so large I decided to use the living room floor as my work table. The first step, after rolling up the rug and sweeping and moping and dusting the floor, was to lay my backing down and secure it in place using packing tape. Step two was basting two pieces of batting together and fitting it to my backing fabric. I also secured the corners to the floor with tape.
Step three was to position my quilt top and begin smoothing it out.
Step four was to start the pinning. I like to begin at one end and work my way down smoothing along the way.
The final step is to trim the excess fabric and batting, leaving about 2" too much all around.
I normally use my bed to sandwich a quilt. Using the floor had some pretty good benefits but it was very hard on my legs and back. I am not sure if I want to use the floor again, I'll decide after my aches and pains go away!

1 comment:

nettie said...

this quilt is fabulous patty! I love the border you added. It's great!

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