Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bargain Dress

Today's bargain is a new dress.I love how comfortable it is.
The cost was a whopping 45-cents!

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Fran said...

OUHHHH!! I love it! and the price was right. I've never thought of taking pictures of my "bargains" I should people would be surprized! I go and pick up clothes once a month at a little Thrift Shop where the price is .50 cents for all clothing in the store. Some of these clothes are brand new, never worn. It's a Menonite Comunitty store and they get donations from places who have gone banckrupt, or have overstock from other places, or things that are not just this years "vogue".
When you've lived as long as I have and live on a monthly pension, "vogue" is not in my vocabulary.(*LOL*)

Heck I look around and I'm dressed or just a well and if not better than some of my friends who just wouldn't think of stepping foot in those places.:
The jokes on them!:c))

You go girl, every penny saved is a a penny you can use elsewhere.

( like a new sewing machine) Come check mine out at my blog,....Making Memories One Step at a Time on blogspot. com

I'm all smiles for you and your bargain.


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