Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding Celebration

Saturday my nephew is getting married in Austin. Elizabeth and I spent much of today and yesterday getting the house in order and packing our things.Now all we lack is for Jonathan to pack and we will be on our way by noon on Thursday for a long weekend of celebration, good food and a semi-family reunion.


Texas Mom said...

Drive careful and see ya tomorrow!

Fran said...

Have a wonderful weekend, and drive safely. Weddings are such fun. New beginings, young love...ahhh makes me feel youg again.


PS.... Just heard from your mom, she's got the camera packed and is on her way apparently. She sent me an e-mail and told me the name of her blog...Posh and Trendy...but lol...she didn't leave me her name. Tell her I read her e-mail and that I'm looking forward to hearing from her next week.

~~Fran from Making Memories One Stitch at a Time.

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