Saturday, October 4, 2008

50-cents for Shoes and Clothing

I love going to garage sales, especially when the people are just trying to get rid of things instead of trying to make money.

Today I stumbled upon a great sale; all shoes and clothing only 50-cents each!
I was able to get Elizabeth clothes for this season as well as next season.
This pink windbreaker is very nice and will fit Elizabeth next fall.
I absolutely love this pretty blue sweater; it's just the right size for this year.
A pretty red velvet dress...
A pretty blue velvet dress...
And a pretty black velvet dress are all perfect for church.
Along with the few items pictured here I also found Elizabeth several pairs of shoes, jeans, blouses, pajamas and skirts. Now I need to organize her dresser and closet.


Anonymous said...

Those outfits were a steal at 50 cents each... I saw a lot of yard sales yesterday but didn't stop. If I had kids to dress I would tho.

Fran said...

Your my kind of girl. I just love yard sales and Thrift Shops. There's one close by (1/2 hr. drive) and on the first Saturday of every month all the clothing in the store is .50 cents. I went this past week and bought a whole winter wardrobe, 3 coats, 4 suits, umpteen sweaters, and items too numerous to mention, and let me tell you, designer names and NOTHING I'd be ashamed to wear to church or even a party or wedding.

There's so many other ways to spend your money:)) like fabric?

~~Fran... :c)

Melissa said...

Lucky!!!! The dresses are beautiful!

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