Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Fall Morning

Today I woke up to cold and wet weather that was just right for a nice cup of hot Earl Grey tea. My sister gave me this tea and I like it very much. The little sugar jar pictured here I found last year at a yard sale for a quarter. I don't know if it is vintage but I sure like.
I have two tomato plants still producing tomatoes; these plants have struggled all summer.
Our chickens are so pretty, just the right color for fall.
I have been seeing the most beautiful fall colors on blogs lately but our trees are only showing a hint of turning.
I just love cold rainy days, it makes me want soup and bread.


Texas Mom said...


I'm enjoying a cup of hot tea right now. It's a breakfast blend that was imported from Israel. (Came from one of those Christmas clearance baskets)

GOOD STUFF! Pamela's enjoying a cup too. The weather is dark and we are getting much needed rain! Time to dig out the sewing! (Looking forward to FALL)

Anonymous said...

That is my fav brand of tea.
Our trees aren't turning yet either and its been very hot here.. having to turn the AC on every afternoon.

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