Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Out With The Old...In With The New

I took a little break from working in the sewing room to sell this; it was sold within an hour and picked up soon after.Once the treadmill was gone I brought in a country table that had been stored away. I will either fill it with plants or use it for folding clothes since it sits next to the dryer.
As soon as my sewing room is back in working order I plan on making a table cloth or a table runner for the table; I'm thinking a country patchwork theme would look nice.


Fran said...

What a deal, and to sell it so quick.

I just love your table and am green with am crazy about old furniture. I think a country table runner will be beautiful.

Keep sloging away at that sewing room, there is a light at the end of that tunnel:)


Anonymous said...

those treadmills do sell fast. Then later on LOL they'll probably be just sitting around as usual. I know very few people that stick with using them.
Love your table and I too think a country patchwork runner would look nice on it.

Texas Mom said...

I have a treadmill, my neighborhood. Alan, Pamela and I take a nice long walk every day.

The table will look nice with the patchwork.

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