Friday, October 17, 2008

Rani's Quilt

Last night I began working on Rani's quilt.So far I have her name finished; it took more time than I expected.
I had no idea crooked blocks take longer to make than normal blocks!


QuiltedSimple said...

That is going to look awesome! Love the fabrics you are using!

Anonymous said...

It sure is pretty.. Mer would love it too since she's into animal prints.

Texas Mom said...

Who is Rani? Nice animal prints with the embroidery.

Fran said...

What beautiful fabrics. I have to direct my grandaughter to your site. I've been teaching her how to quilt, and one of the big questions was "Can I use any fabric in my quilts?" I told her of course, no limits to what you can use in quilting, and this will just re-enforce the lesson for her.
That is going to be an awsome quilt and I love how you appliqued the letters. Hope to see the whole thing when your finished.


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