Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Birthday Gift

Elizabeth was invited to a Birthday Party on Sunday. I wasn't sure what to make; Pat suggested a monogrammed pillow.I am very pleased with how it turned out.
In the past I usually added ruffles to the edge of my pillows but I really like how using piping worked.
The size is approximately 18 x 21.
Next time I may try using a soft coordinating fabric for the back; maybe chenille or minky.


Texas Mom said...

Wow, considering the fact that she has a unique name, this makes the pillow more personal. Great job!

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous pillow.. you'd have to pay a fortune for one like that in a store without the monogram on it.

belinda said...

yeah for elizabeth's closet!!!...this pillow is did a fabulous job!!

Fran said...

Anyone would love to get a birthday gift like that, I know I would. You did a wonderful job, I've made many pillows and I have found that a soft backing seems to make the pillow a bit more 'comfy' if you know what I mean.
By the way my birthday is next October, cna I put my order for one now, I'll even save you a piece of cake:)


Rhonda said...

Excellent idea and you did a great job. You are right, the piping really sets adds to the pillow. Take care.

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