Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I do not like politics; but I do love my country!Jeremiah 29:11


Anonymous said...

I isn't so much not liking politics, you just get tired of having it shoved in your face for months on end. TV mud slinging, junk mail, phone ringing off the wall and them knocking on the door... its enough to make you not vote for them.

Texas Mom said...

Well, did you vote???

Fran said...

Ah yes I agree, I'm not even American but I still get the e-mails,lol.
But then I think how lucky I am not to live in a place where I have no voice and must live under a dictatorship.

God bless the free world where we do have a choice.

I know the television will be on until the wee hours of the morning here.
Even though I live in Canada, the choices you make affect our country in a big way. The saying goes here "that so go the States, so go Canada", even though our democratic way of elections is different than yours. I can understand how fed up you must be, you get to hear about who, what, where, and when for 2 whole years. Here the government say an election has been called, and the parties have 30 days to get their views across and make their point ( they really have to get their act together, and there's not much time for mud slinging. Not to say there isn't any. There's allways enough of that crap to go around.) After that it's too late, the votes are cast, and may the best man win.

We don't elect senetors they are appointed by the governing parties. And as far as govenors go, we don't have them. Except for the Governor General, and he or she is appointed by the Queen. So you see it is quite different. We do have Provincial elections in which we appoint a Provincial Minister to govern each individual province, but they are not at the same time as the General election for Prime Minister of Canada. And the issues are usualy quite different. And again it doesn't drag on, 30 days, boom , it's done. I like that.

Good luck today and may the best man win.


Melissa said...


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