Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pies and More

Today, while the turkey was cooking, I made three pies; one deep dish apple, one pecan and one pumpkin. We love homemade pies and sometimes it is hard to decide which to eat first. Pat requested homemade butter to go with our meal; this butter is the best!
And the last of todays cooking was cornbread, for the dressing; deviled eggs; and pistachio pudding.

Tomorrow I will be making bread, dressing, gravey, mashed potatoes, sweetpotatoes, corn and warming up the turkey and ham.

After tomorrow my cooking and cleaning will be over and I can spend more time in the sewing room!


Anonymous said...

It all looks and sounds yummy.
I assembled everything yesterday and baked the pies. The bird is now baking and when its done all I have to do is bake the dinner rolls and use the microwave to finish the rest.
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your guests and food.

Texas Mom said...

YUMMY!! If you weren't too far away, I'd hop over to sample those pies!

We popped our turkey in the roaster about 4:30am, expecting the kids to arrive at noon. Unfortunately, Alan's dad and brother won't be down for Lubbock. Both are feeling ill.

Small group for us this year. We plan to just kick back and eat, and rest for the weekend. Alan doesn't have to be back to work till Tuesday next week!


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