Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Memories

For the past several days we have been slowly bringing out our decorations, setting up the tree, adding the lights and then the ornaments . Each year as the ornaments are unpacked they bring back fond memories.

One year, I believe in 1981 when I was in high school, my mom had a neat idea to make Ginger Bread men, women and houses out of cardboard and fabrics. At the same time we did the gingerbread decorations I also made this stuffed Santa and colored him with magic marker.
These beaded ornaments were made by my grandmother but I am unsure of the date.
Pat's aunt made this snowman from dough. He has such detail and is so cute; unfortunately his little metal hook, at the top of his head, no longer stays in place so he cannot hang on the tree any longer.
Jonathan and Elizabeth do all the hanging as I unwrap each ornament and we talk about where they came from, who made it or who gave it to us.
Elizabeth was very interested in the ornaments Jonathan made when he was little. I told her we would make some so she would have her own homemade ones; but this will probably not happen until after Christmas.


QuiltedSimple said...

What great memories you have. We too have ornaments like that - and some that hubby confiscated so they wouldn't be put on the tree. Love the snowman!

Posh And Trendy Living Frugal said...

Now those sure brought back memories for me too.. Mom made those beaded ones back in the mid 70's. She gave a set to Bob too but I'll bet you he doesn't have any of them now.

Texas Mom said...

Wow, this does bring back memories.

I must confess. I ALWAYS remember the Barbie house and clothes that mom and grandma always made for us. I would have to say those were my best gifts.

belinda said...

hi patty....i just loved seeing and hearing about your old and treasured ornaments....hearing the stories about each one while your children hang them on the tree is a great tradition!!

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