Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The other day, while at the library, Elizabeth found a Sesame Street Cookbook.This was the first recipe she wanted to try.
I thought it would be easy to find alphabet noodles but it wasn't; we searched three stores before finding some.
Thankfully I had some chicken stock in the freezer so Elizabeth could have her soup this evening.
It was a big hit!


Anonymous said...

LOL I remember spelling out my name with those noodles.. so much fun digging through the bowl looking for certain letters before eating them.
Too bad we live so far apart.. I have a pkg of them in my cabinet.
I think I'll make the boys some soup with them... what kid doesn't like them? :)

Fran said...

Soup looks great Elizabeth. Yum...

I remember getting a childrens recipe cookbook when my kids were growing up in the 70's and once a week they would take turns to pick a recipe to make 'supper' or desert for the family. Let's say we had some very interesting spam with pineaple rings and cherries..oh my!!*lol* good memories and because they started to cook when they were young, they all appreciated the work that went into making a meal for others and not to turn their noses up at anything that was put in front of them. Today they are all wonderful cooks, boys and girls alike.


belinda said...

I've been behind on my blog readings. I'm glad I could finally get over and see what you guys have been up to. I think your soup is cute with all the letters Elizabeth!!

QuiltedSimple said...

That looks yummy. I love chicken noodle soup (especially homemade) but no one else in our house does:(

Melissa said...

I just had to tell you THANK YOU for the great tip on my photo problems on my blog - of course you were right and now I am not having problems! Thank you!

Texas Mom said...

I don't think I've ever bought alphabet pasta before. Don't even recall seeing any in the stores!

jacquie said...

alphabet noodles are the BEST! i used to use them in my classroom when i was teaching little ones.

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